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Analogous to nervous cluelessness is something we might call “anxious gatekeeping.”   This is desire to police the borders of poetry, or of...

Saturday, January 28, 2017


I've discovered a significant paradox, or at least a new, for me, articulation of a paradox that others may have been aware of.

Reading poetry requires negative capability, the ability not to grasp irritably after fact & reason, etc... like Keats said. You have to quiet the petulant child in you that wants answers quickly and that is intolerant of ambiguity.

And yet poetry is also a very precise use of language, very particular.  Perceptions about it must be very exact and fine-tuned.  As I said in my Arte poético, all sciences are physical.

So the resolution of this paradox: it must be more about perception than judgment.  Seeing what's really there, not trying to say what it really means.

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