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Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year

I'm making a few new year's adjustments.  Not to call them resolutions.

1) A poem a day for 2017.  Usually, I write it in the shower so it really takes no time.

2) I'm instituting a morning routine.

A. Make bed
B. Check email
C. All the bathroom things you don't need a list of, shaving, etc...
D. Coffee
E. Puzzles
F. Write down poem I've written in the shower on the blog; other blogging as needed
G. Do at least one or two 1st or 2nd tier activity for a fixed period of time: piano playing, cleaning, whatever.

3) I'm making meditation into a first tier activity rather than 2nd tier one.  In other words, it will be done for its self rather than as a support to the first tier.

4) I should also institute a routine for going to the office on teaching days.

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