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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Life Hack Update

I've written several more of these life hacks, and have scheduled them to be published on successive days.

One thing I've noticed so far is that I suddenly feel a different relationship to time. Instead of seeing the day as an anxiety-producing challenge: how can I fill it up meaningfully and get something done?  I now am starting to see it as a different sort of challenge.  I know what I want to do, and have to figure out how to make everything fit just right. So it might mean getting up earlier, or consolidating errands, or deciding to make productive use of post-dinner hours. Maybe running early in the morning so it doesn't interrupt other things. Choices, behaviors, habits, seem less compulsive and more freely chosen (more about that later.).

Another revelation: while meditating yesterday it occurred to me that since I was inherently bad at meditating, in other words very distractable and with a mind that can't sit still, that I was a person meant to meditate.  I need it far more than people who are more naturally zen, if such as thing exists. That reframed the process in a way that made it make sense for me.  The worse I am at it, the less I will worry.

(Words in italics here are not exactly right, but are used in a loose sense. I don't do zen and this change was not really sudden, just the articulation of it.)

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