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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am having a hard time separating my time between service, teaching, and research in order to track my hours efficiently. Service tends to be writing an email or two in short bursts. It is more distraction than dedicated time. I am typically in the office for extended stretches doing a variety of things. I might suddenly remember something and interrupt myself. I don't mind, usually, but for the fact that then I don't know how much time things really take any more. Today I started an MLA abstract, finished reading a book by Ortega and put in one quote for my chapter from that, read some theory for tomorrow, met some students to help prepare for the MA exam, maintained some correspondence about lectures I am organizing, or giving, went through some boxes of books in my office--among other things. This in a 9-3 day, though I'm sure I'll do more reading at home.

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Leslie B. said...

It is too picky a job, to keep counting those things. I did find it instructive to keep track for a week or so, but after that -- .