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Friday, February 1, 2013

Blogging for TGIF

Ok. It is 9:30. I got up early, had coffee, got gas, went to gym, sat down at my desk shortly before 8. Did some blog posts, worked on Lorca, made a to-do list for February. I think I've already done enough work for today. I have a talk to go to at 14:00.

At 12 I'm back on campus. I do some blogging. I think I will plan that not yet written book now.

13:11. I get very sleepy. I will close my eyes and attempt power nap.

14:00 I go to the talk. I ask a really brilliant question of the speaker to wrap things up.

15:12. I am back in my office. I could sleep some more, I suppose. Instead I look at the notes for my imaginary book. IO notice I am now getting over 400 hits a day on this blog, which I unusual for one directed narrowly at a small coterie.

15:25. I read some more Whorf. I'm wondering if he would see the difference between "good night" and "buenas noches" as significant. Why does one language use the plural and another the singular in this case? I also wonder about narrow linguistic tests of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis versus broader philosophical implications. Whorf's claims are very broad, but any kind of confirmation has tended to be very narrow and limited. For example, tests of color perception vs. "GRAMMATICAL PATTERNS AS INTERPRETATIONS OF EXPERIENCE" I decide I will be very anti-Whorfian when I teach this.

15:40. I look into a Feng Shui practioner, friend of a friend. Something in my new house feels wrong to me and I'm not sure what it is. It felt a little better after I decluttered living room. I am not a hardcore believer in Feng Shui per se, but I feel that people who do it might have a kind of feel for living space that I myself lack. I often arrange things in a way not conducive to a good "flow of energy."

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