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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Slept in till 8:15. Went to gym for a very short time, then went to office at 9:15. Worked on Graduate studies matters and personal business.

Anxiety level is high, as it always is when I have to deal with money issues. I go back to Graduate Studies and revise a doc about the organization of the PhD exam. I chat with some colleagues, and student on the job market, then prepare for afternoon meeting. I leave campus at 11:50.

Lunch. I buy some wind chimes, hang them up at home. I need to buy Feng Shui crystals.

14:00 Accountant.

14:30 Back on campus. Anxiety has been extremely high. I check material I need for meeting, get R. to print out more stuff for me that I don't have yet.

I read over my Chomsky notes. I send another memo for grad studies. Work a little, very little, on Lorca. The anxiety may be from not doing Lorca.

16:00 Faculty meeting. I have to run this particular meeting, so that is maybe why I have been anxious all day.

17:00 Martini group.

After that, dinner and relaxing.

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