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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Wall

My old department has a separate program in Iberian studies. I am firmly against this (I was the time too though I had little say in the matter). I wouldn't hire someone who had a degree in Iberian studies, as opposed to Spanish. The whole trend toward transatlantic studies can have no effect on a place like this, with a wall in place.

I left in 94. A lot of people who were tenured then have not made full professor, even productive leading scholars like Rebecca Haidt. I see only two promotions since I left: Terrell Morgan and Lúcia Costigan. Ileana Rodríguez and Abril Trigo are distinguished professors now. Much deserved. People who were old when I got there are still not retired.

Maureen Ahearn has passed away. So has another man who formed part of the peninsular mafia there. The Latin Americanist felt compelled to create their own program because the Spaniards were so conservative. Yet that left me in an untenable position.

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