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Monday, February 4, 2013

Tracking Monday

I got here at about 8:30 after walking in. Prepared class and collated votes for a departmental thing. I did a bit of personal business in there too; just a few seconds to print out a tax form. I thought a bit about "exceptionalism." I open up my document and start working 20 minutes before I have to teach.

11-12:15. Teach undergraduate course.

Lunch, worked on Lorca a bit. I feel I don't quite have my section on Spanish cultural exceptionalism thought out yet. I've been doing so in blog posts before I write it up as a section of Chapter 2. I write some more blog posts. Chapter 2 is 44 pages and still not done.

I do personal business. College financial aid forms. I call feng shui practioner and accountant. It is 14:25. I think I need wind chimes.

I haven't been keeping track of how many hours I work a week. I suspect it would not be an impressive number. I don't think it matters. Since I'm already "alpha" researcher type my main effort is in making sure my classes are also really excellent. I am not alpha teaching award-winning teacher.

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