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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tueday at Work

8-8:15. I read some Heidegger at home. Then do errands.

8:49. In office. I grade papers and get myself organized. Respond to an email about MLA panel. A student comes in at 10:30. I continue to grade.

10:47. I read more Benveniste for tomorrow.

11:37. Been reading theory for an hour. Time for lunch.

11:58. I'm back in the office. I decide to make outline for theory class tomorrow. That takes about half an hour, but I will fill in more ideas tomorrow before I print it. I decide preparation takes about 3 and a half hours for a 3 hour theory course. Reading the material, making notes, printing things out, organizing the actual class time. I'd rather have more material than less, even if I don't get around to everything I planned. I grade some more papers. Write some official letters and emails. It is 13:01 and I haven't done research yet today. Hence the poverty of ideas on this blog today.

13:36. I have finished the preface and a draft of the acknowledgments. That was my goal for Feb. Now I will revise my goals. I look at the Intro to see what I have left to do on it. I think I can finish that by end of Feb., so my plan is moving up. The only difficult thing will be getting references in line and translations done. It is now 13:53.

14:12. I need a break now.

15:23. I took a brief break and then resumed grading papers (till now). It was interesting to see that some students did the assignment exactly as I had envisioned it, others took a somewhat different approach and did fine as well, a third group did it as I asked, but rather literally and badly, and a fourth didn't do what I asked, and didn't come up with a good alternative either. Where is Hjemslev when you need him?

15:40. Done grading all I have to grade (aside from two papers I don't have yet). This has been a heavy work day despite having no classes to teach.

15:57. I could justify going home now and reading there in more comfortable setting. I have done all my office work. So let's say 9-4 is seven hours. I am happy my home is now more comfortable than my office.

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