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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Among the Frogs: Chap 2

Logically, I should tell you how came to live among the frogs, and how I returned to live among men. Perhaps you want ethnography, an account of the language and customs of the tribe? You are interested in the frogs because of the "subject matter" itself. Ha! You were looking for a book about from, something exotic. But this is not anthropology or, even less, a fucking allegory. Jesus Christ does not live among the frogs, nor is "the god of the frogs" a slimy, fly-eating deity. This is not an animal fable for children or an edifying parable involving changes of perspective. You will not leave the tale with a heart-warming message. You won't even find soul-cleansing abjection, catharsis, or martyrdom. You see, the frogs, if they taught me anything, taught me to despise all that, if I didn't already.

No, this is a literal account of what occurred when I happened to be among them for a time. No magical realism here. No hard-boiled, sardonic knowingness. You see, I saw you coming with your expectations when you [were] still a small speck on the horizon.


Andrew Shields said...

"a book about from, something exotic": about frogs?

"when you still a small speck": you were still?

Professor Zero said...

Gostei, but the diction in this chapter isn't quite the same as in the first, is this intentional?

Jonathan said...

I don't have much intention here. I'm letting the novel go where it wants to.