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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flipping exceptionalism

Citizens of Exceptionstan believe they have achieved a coherent identity, but what they really need to do is realize their country is decadent: to achieve true excepcionistanidad,they need to recover their indigenous roots.

That is the argument of a book I'm reading. By someone whom I admire and have corresponded with quite a bit. I had thought the title of his book was ironic, but no, he is putting forth earnest arguments. I'll blog a bit more and not be so coy about the title when I'm in a position to say more.

I'm interested in all these metaphors of flipping, reversibility, turning upside down, deriving strength from weakness, leverage. We know how cultural nationalism derives strength from grievances, from the exploitation of psychic wounds.


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- cultural feminism

- certain strains of the adjunct movement

What decolonization movements don't use exceptionalist strategies ... review Césaire, Cabral

Créolité movement in Antilles and world creole movement, Cajun Renaissance, actually all the French ones seem to be very exceptionalist and not realize it...