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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Organization Game

One game I play with myself is: "If only I were better organized, I would be much more productive / efficient." I find I sabotage myself a bit by not being organized. If I were, all my problems would be solved. So I have a built-in excuse for every failure! I am not well-organized.

Because really, everything is organization, from the planning of time to the structure of a book. A perfect outline of a book would be the book itself.

So now I am using a website called "workflowy" in the attempt to get everything in order. By the time I go to Barcelona for my summer abroad program everything will be in order.


Professor Zero said...

So I am looking at it. Is it just where to keep lists or can you actually do the work in it?

One of the reason I do as much work as I do on blogs is to keep it all in one place. Maybe I need this, if you can actually work in it.

Jonathan said...

You can do minimal work like making brief notes about a particular task. It is also good for keeping track of what you've done.

Anonymous said...

Aha, I am seeing the advantages here.
Very interesting, I will experiment with this next week.