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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Complete Sentence Game

I will now play the complete sentence game. I have played it many times before, though rarely in writing. The secret of the game is to think, speak, or write complete sentences. You only lose the game when the sentences come to an end. All games of the complete sentence game are destined to be lost, since failing to produce a sentence, or falling asleep, ends the game.

The content of the sentences should be the game itself. This is very important. You must think of sentences related to the playing of the game, or its history, or some other aspect having to do with its implications. The sentences do not have to be well-conceived, but they should be well-formed from the grammatical and syntactical perspective. You cannot go back and revise a sentence, in the written version of the game. Nor, in the vocal or silent thinking versions, can you go back and change anything. You will have thus stopped the flow of sentences.

I have played the game many times. The written version is simply a simulacrum of the more authentic, silent version, which is of extreme difficulty. There, I have demonstrated the way to play the game. I encourage you to play it as well.


Anonymous said...

Is there a length of time you commit to doing this, or do you stick to it until you make an error and end the game?

The silent version sounds like something the desert fathers or San Juan de la Cruz would do. I might do it to meditate at the beach.

Jonathan said...

I've never timed it. I have performed it at a poetry reading. It went over very well. It becomes an improvised poem in front of an audience which ends when I mess up.