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Friday, December 5, 2014

Comb / coffee / asthma

This is not a dream, but it could have been. Shortly before the senate meeting, I walked down to the coffee bar in my building to get coffee. Shortly before, I went into the convenience story right there and bought a comb. I have been without one for a while. About to order coffee, I see Jim, my co-president. I ask him if he wants coffee. He say yes but first ducks into the convenience store. When he emerges he says he has just purchased a comb. We have coffee, then drive down to the law school, where the meeting will be held, in his car. On the way to his car, he talks about his asthma and I take out my asthma inhaler to show him. None of these coincidences is very significant, but the chain of them seemed remarkable.

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Anonymous said...

The twin dream. There was my recent dream with the twin trucks. You are twin presidents.

I have had this kind of chain of small coincidences happen before in real life, and it is a sign of good luck, I think.