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Friday, December 26, 2014

Why go to graduate school?

Here is one answer.

This is pretty simple and dramatic. More money, less chance of being unemployed, with a PhD or Professional degree. This is true at any level of educational attainment, with the least employable, the least well-remunerated being those without high school diplomas.

Those with professional or PhD level education enjoy what is basically full employment. Even the bad academic job market in some fields does not make a statistical dent here. This being said, should you ge a PhD in a field with abysmal job placement at a mediocre state school, if your only dream is tenure at Princeton? Probably not.


Anonymous said...

Well, that is what I said when I went to graduate school, but the majority of people who go in humanities apparently really, really want teaching jobs (not tenure at Princeton, but stable teaching jobs) and are only doing the PhD for that reason, and have a terrible time in graduate school that they are only undertaking so as to get that teaching job. From this POV the truth of the article does not matter or misses the point. That is not my p.o.v., but my p.o.v. is very minority.

Unknown said...

Ah, if only! Academia is so disappointing.!