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Thursday, February 4, 2016


I decided I like luminosity. By this I mean that pristine quality of the anonymous Spanish lyric of the middle ages:

Dentro en el vergel
dentro en el rosal
matarme han

Or of Saint John of the Cross, or Miguel Hernández's Romancero y cancionero de ausencias. Lorca, needless to say, achieves this quality as well. "Si muero / dejad el balcón abierto..." In another register, Vallejo's "El momento más grave de mi vida..." Or Joseph Ceravolo at his best.

It's not the only thing I like, of course, but I'll take perfection over imperfection every time. The cult of messy "process" tell us not to overvalue such things, but, of course, it's hard not to.

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Anonymous said...


One of the things I most dislike, in addition, are those plays and films where you have to deal with scenes about the actors making the play or film.