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Friday, February 26, 2016

Not looking at random blogs all day has freed up some time for piano playing and running, and even forced my self to do more writing of Lorca III.

I also came up with this plan:

The idea: write songs and record amateur cd for Christmas, 2016

1. Have the recording done. (Final point.) CDs produced and ready to send out. Dec. 17, 2016

2. Burn CDs with art work. December

3. Mix digital files. December

4. Learn enough recording engineering to tell engineer what I want. Record in studio. (Oct /Nov)

A. Vocals B. Piano C. Drums D. Trumpet on two songs

5. Have piano parts written and learned for all songs, with good chords; figure out how to record drum track to go along with it, mostly brushes. (Sept.)

6. Learn to play piano sufficiently well to accompany self

7. Have confidence playing and singing all 8 songs.

8. Finish graphic art-work for cds: pencil drawings?

9. Choose 8 songs to work on for CD

10. Write 12 songs with lyrics / have written versions of all songs (basic version)

11. Work on drawing. Investigate cd cover art printing programs.

12. Learn all 12 keys:

C / F / Bb / Eb / Ab / Db / Gb
B / E / A / D / G

13. Begin to compose songs and play non-travel day.


Hire engineer for recording. Singing instructor. Advice on project: technical, musical. Have Julia record trumpet parts

Do myself:

write all songs and music / perform all parts on piano, drums, vocal / do artwork and graphic design


musical / technological / psychological / physical / make the songs not all sound the same?

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