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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

No Internet

I've decided not to do any internet for a while, except for posting on this blog. So nothing else; not reading your blog or FACEBOOK or anything else aside from necessary tasks like banking. It's hypocritical, I know, to contribute to this but not consume anything. I'll be writing but not reading. Of course, I'll respond to your comments and emails that are necessary to respond to. We'll see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

Are you using library databases or going in person, during this Internet hiatus?

Jonathan said...

Both. I'm using the internet for specific purposes, just not always being on it and randomly surfing.

Anonymous said...

OK then here is what I will do (it is still Lent, so still time to give something up) -- stop googling deep internet for references and ALWAYS use library site. It will be a good exercise.

Thomas said...

I think you mean you're not doing social media, but still using the Internet. I've decided to do the same thing, but permanently, which will ultimately mean giving up blogging. I think social media is trying to eat the Internet, and I'm a bit ashamed of my role in it.

The Internet could be a store of useful information, permanent knowledge. Instead it has become a place where things are constantly "happening" and people react to them. Granted, I've been overdoing it myself lately, getting too caught up in it and exhausting myself.

But it has taught me something and made me resolve to move my online persona from social media platforms (including Blogger) to a simple html site that I control, with no cookies or site meters or comment sections. Over the next year, this will also mean moving my best writing to my own site and shutting down my blogs.