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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Research / Scholarship / Criticism / Writing

Research, or "investigación" means finding things out. That is the official name of what I'm supposed to be doing.

Scholarship is learning, "erudición." I would prefer to be a scholar (estudioso) than a researcher.

Criticism is the actual name of my own discipline. Literary criticism, to be exact. I am a much better critic than I am a scholar or investigator. My criticism is learned, erudite, but I don't discover or find out new things that nobody ever thought of before.

Writing is what I really do. I am a writer of criticism; that is the medium through which I do literary criticism.

So, I could say I'm a researcher or investigator, a scholar, a critic, or a writer. I am someone who finds things out, who knows things, who criticizes or analyzes the things he knows about, and who writes down and publishes the results. What you call yourself matters.

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Leslie B. said...

It is funny, I never considered myself a literary critic or aspired to be one. I thought they were the ones who wrote articles on new poets for intelligent but not academic journals. Despite that "criticism" category in the LOC catalogue. Despite the fact that many of the persons just mentioned also write in academic journals.