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Wednesday, July 27, 2016



I am like the brine in a pickle jar

my own recipe!

like antique honey preserved all this time but

spread on fresh bread

I am a unique individual you would probably want to get

to know


I decided to write a whole book of these bad poems. There will be exactly sixty of them. Please help me come up with a title.


Most poetry is going to be bad anyway, so I thought I would short-circuit the process and go directly for utter badness. Nevertheless, my friends often tell me that I could do even worse, and that there are a few lines here and there that aren't bad enough. They accuse me of trying to write good poetry in the guise of ineptness. Still, I have put in enough ham-fisted line-breaks, awkward similes, and wordy explanatory filler to displease any discerning reader.


Leslie said...

This is very bad and it would be difficult to get worse. Congratulations...

Anonymous said...

I cannot completely concur you, Leslie, alas. :(


Give "honey" its multiple meanings and the rest of the second stanza perks up a bit. Sorry, Jonathan!