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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dream of Mute Piano

I was playing in a piano recital.  The notes of the piano would not make a sound when I touched the keys.  I was supposed to accompany someone else, but no sound came out of the piano I was trying to play. This is rather dumb, because even a child can push down a piano key and make a sound, but I had some sort of mental block that made me forget how to do it. The woman who was in charge of it all was getting impatient. I tried another piano close by and it worked. I then played Mompou's Música callada #3. I got through most of it without mistakes. In my dream I was actually playing the correct notes and I knew exactly what they were, and this is in fact the piece I am playing for my recital. I remember thinking that the trick was managing one's own emotions, ones own adrenaline, in order to maintain muscular control.

 I woke before I could play the second piece, my own composition.    

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