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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I found this poem

El susurro de unos cepillos de alambre sobre la piel del recuerdo

converso con las sombras, boxeo, gesticulo en las sombras

el recuerdo ya no es esa piel de tambor

ya no es de piel, podría ser el "cincuentón obeso"

de Cernuda, el "conviene percutir" de José Angel

es un aforismo ingente, atrabiliario, repetido hacia la saciedad

en la compulsión de hurgar en las sombras de alambre


A whisper of wire brushes on the skin of memory

I talk with the shadows, shadow box, gesticulate

memory is no longer that drum skin,

it is not made of skin, it might be Cernuda's

"obese fifty-year old man," José Angel's "time for percussion"

it is an overgrown aphorism, hostile and repeated ad nauseam

in the compulsion to root around in memories of wire 


Leslie B. said...

Writer is a native speaker of English, not Spanish, I am quite sure

There is a Vallejo-y line. I'd omit the definite article on the first sombras, I *think*

Jonathan said...

Yes. I am a native speaker of English. The poem came to me in Spanish, for some reason.