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Friday, April 12, 2019

Dream of Poetry Reading

My friends Stan and Judy were arranging a reading.  The first act was to be a couple playing some kind of special ethnic music. It turned out to be very dull, disappointing all my expectations. It sounded like generic blues. Then it was my turn.  I read three poems and the event was over. Later I felt I should have read more: there was plenty of time left.


Professor Zero said...

I am not sure what I can do to remember dreams more consistently and reliably, as I once did. I need to. Recently though I have been dreaming about poetry readings, reading in them, having people from the past come up to me, and jumping back through a permeable mirror to get away from some of them. I am not sure what it means but key elements seem to be actually reading, and being in a position to decide who I want to talk to and not, and a feeling that something is shifting.

Leslie B. said...

OK you are inspiring me to work on this. I managed to remember a dream. It was that I bought a new chair. It was for a room where there was midcentury modern furniture, not my favorite but OK, and I surprised myself by getting something that fit in, was even more 40s. I was pleased with the resultant look, it was like a Matisse, and happy with the idea of change.

Where this came from I think was watching the night before El desencanto (1976), about the Paneros, which you should re-see. The interiors are so early 20th and late 19th century, it really feels like yesteryear.

Leslie B. said...

And I remembered two more dreams, very fleeting and trivial ones, but still.