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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Mediocrity (viii)

So the psychological costs of living in a mediocre environment are very high. Arrogance, resentment, hypocrisy, inauthenticity, depression. Complaining about how hard it is for me to be smarter than other people is not likely to evoke much sympathy. I also have to be careful when I lash out in frustration.

But consider the opposite situation. You are surrounded by intelligent people. They consider your ideas and don't make dumb objections to them. They might have points where they don't agree, but the level of discourse is high. Then all that resentment dissolves.

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Leslie B. said...

People always call me arrogant but really it is just because I can do arithmetic without a calculator, things like this. I don't mean to show them up.

That is why I try to stifle my career. If I find a way to hobble myself enough, I will not be as disliked and people will not put me through so much pain.