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Saturday, June 20, 2020

I do this, I do that

I pour water into a coffee cup, then dump this water into goose neck kettle

I turn it on

I begin to "write" this poem in my head

it will be one of my very best 

I put a paper filter into a ceramic coffee making thing, scoop two scoops of coffee into the filter

place the thing on top of the same cup I have used to measure the water

I wash a pan, put it on the stove, turn on the stove, put a little olive oil in the pan

The kettle turns itself off automatically, I pour a little over the coffee grounds in the filter

I place my hand over the pan to see if it is hot enough yet, it is not

I pour some more water over the coffee

I keep mental track of what I am doing so that I can continue to "write" the poem

I get an egg out of the refrigerator--the pan is hot enough now

I crack the egg and put it in the pan to cook 

I pour the last of the water over the coffee

I re-heat a previously cooked potato in the same pan with the egg

I season the food in the pan and flip over the egg

I throw the coffee filter filled with grounds into the trash

I put the egg on a plate, brown the potato a few second more

I get out some pico de gallo I made two days before

and put it on the potato and egg on my plate

I eat breakfast while drinking the coffee 

Now, halfway through breakfast,  I really do "write" this poem, 

not in longhand but by typing it out on the computer

finishing around the same time as I am done with my coffee

or slightly before

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