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Sunday, June 28, 2020


What is Lorca's own musical culture?  

Standard Western classical music from Bach to Debussy. The Falla / Debussy nexus. 

Specifically Spanish classical music, with emphasis on Andalusianism (Albéniz / Falla), but also doing back to cancionero traditions. 

Spanish folksongs and ballads. Some overlap here between cancionero poetry and folksongs. These folksongs are not all Andalusian, as is sometimes falsely stated. There is a pan-Iberian interest.   

Cante jondo. A subcategory of Andalusian "folklore," but a more specific tradition. 

The amount of overlap here means that we can't isolate these elements from one another. 

We think of setting poetry to music as the combination of two art forms, but this is not really the case. There is a musical substratum that is always in play. For example, if Schiller writes a poem in a stanza form also used in folksongs... 

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