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Saturday, June 20, 2020

We got this from our Senate Presidents

"Embattled faculty colleagues:


We write at this late hour disappointed, disheartened, and frustrated. After what we perceived as genuine progress toward the ideal of shared and collaborative governance, after what we hoped were strides toward building trust among the faculty and the administration, and after being assured a seat at the table,  we were taken aback to learn—almost as you did—the scope and nature of pending salary cuts. ​

You have already spoken clearly to us: You feel this is outrageous and unfair. You think the rationale of the salary cuts is neither apparent nor equitable. You are being asked to risk your health for the financial well-being of the university. You are being asked to put forth extraordinary and uncompensated effort to redesign and rethink and redevelop your courses. At a minimum, you should have been fully consulted before you were asked to add a severe pay cut to your already great sacrifices for the university. 


We are acting fast to respond properly to this development, we will be heard, and we hope to count on your continued trust and support."


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