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Thursday, August 20, 2020

How long to review a book manuscript?

 I got a manuscript to review, so this is a good test of how long things take. I read the book, about 250 pages, in 2 1/2 hours, so I read at more than 60 pages an hour. 

I wrote most of a report (1000 words) in another hour. 

I will need another hour to write the rest of it and revise and polish it to make it very good and carefully worded throughout. I work fast but I want the report to be super impressive, as though I had taken longer. I will wait another week before sending so people won't think I'm being too hasty. Also, then I can look it over again and make sure it is all good. 

So the whole process will take 5 hours, making my rate $50 an hour.  


Leslie B. said...

How long to develop a syllabus? I always underestimate this. Or imagine it as such a big thing I don't dare start.

Jonathan said...

Probably you get the dates down, decide when exams and papers are due, then copy and paste generic language about University policies. That part takes 30-45 minutes. Then each month of class takes 20 minutes to outline, so Sept / Oct. / Nov. That is another hour. Then an additional hour for each month to nail down the readings, exact page numbers. So I will say 5-6 hours. You can add a seventh hour to fine-tune and proofread. I've had syllabi where I skipped a day of class and didn't realized I had done so, so the first stage is crucial for me. I have to make sure I do a good calendar at the very beginning.