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Saturday, August 1, 2020

More reasons your poems are not good

In the last post I talked about why you overestimate the value of your poems. And when I say "your" poems I mean "mine" too.  In this post I will talk about why it is improbable that your poems are any good, and why you shouldn't worry about it. 

Memorable poems are rare. To be a really good poem, the poem must be memorable, remarkable in some way. We know they are rare because the complete works of a famous poet will not include all that many of them.  Also, poems by great poets before they began to be great are generally no good either.  You can't look at a kid's work and predict whether they'll be a good poet later.  

But then since most poems are not good, you shouldn't worry about yours. Yours will be bad in possibly interesting ways, and maybe sometimes rise to a level that satisfies you. 

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