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Friday, August 28, 2020

Short Story Update

 I wrote some other short stories. Some I wrote by converting parts of my dream diary, or some of my prose poems, into stories. Others occurred to me as I was compiling the collection. I am as surprised by this development as you are. It's true that as a lit prof I have read and taught many stories, that I have read taken much interest in Kafka and Borges, but I have rarely thought of myself in as a potential writer of short stories. I am not particularly interested in long form, like the novel, but I think my interest in the short form lead me to microfiction, which lead me then to stories that are longer than two or three lines. Some are short short-stories, and some are short short-short-stories. I haven't attempted yet a medium short-story or the oxymoronic long short-story. 

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Leslie B. said...

I am not surprised at all but then that is because I am the same. Micro-story, short story, snippet of dramatic dialogue, essay, poem.