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Monday, October 4, 2021

Steam roller

 My approach to jazz improv is the steam roller. I take one 2 or 4 measure section and improvise over those chords for a long time. I can find ideas I like and repeat and very them; I can develop very simple ideas or try to go out on a limb. If I get bored with an idea then I have to try something else. If I play notes that don't work, then I learn what notes are verboten over a certain chord. It's really about developing my own taste, what I like or don't like. For example, I might like some pretty-sounding diatonic ideas, with not so much chromaticism, for a brief period. I could find some Gershwin style licks and like them, or find them a bit too corny, as the case might be. Maybe I like doing a lot of quarter note triplets. 

This is not my original idea, of course. I've seen people do this on YouTube. 

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