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Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Act

 We have many ways to name it--

making love, sleeping or going to bed

with someone, making whoopee.  

None, though, seems to name the Dirty Deed 

without euphemism, clinical coldness,

or vulgarity. Fucking, too, 

is metaphor for a hundred other things we do.  


Leslie B. said...

The students say "had sex with" -- it's the only term they use. I have not figured out why this functional term is the one.

Jonathan said...

That's the only term that isn't euphemistic, clinical, or vulgar. That's what the poem is forgetting to make its point.

Leslie B. said...

Somehow it seems some more terms are needed. In conversation class, we are watching a tv series and they have to comment on it each week. What happened, what did it mean, what did you think, what are the issues, what are the cultural contexts, etc.

So when they said "Hector had sex with Lola" [which I *think* happened, but it was some awkward office romance thing, she is interested in him and he is lonely and they had this weird encounter] I said, right.

But when they said he had sex with Marta, I laughed at the word choice. Marta is the love of his life, he has been waiting years for her and not thinking he could ever get her, it finally happened and it was this big romantic event, took all evening/night/morning, so "having sex" doesn't seem to cover it