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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Affirmative Consent

This painfully stupid article seems to get the issue exactly backwards.

Affirmative consent, asking your partner at every moment what sh/e will allow you to do to him/her, is not a standard people will actually follow in the real world, but it is something that will be used in the adjudication of complaints.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Save for a few people with a very specific and unusual sexual scenario, nobody will be using this strategy in real life. I can see no other use for it but structuring litigation. I think the writer is being quite disingenuous in suggesting that the opposite should happen.

Jonathan said...

Yes. I can imagine. Can I nibble your ear now? Yes, dear. Can I #%@#$ you in the @^%@#. Yes, dear. May I %@#$ your %!#%^? NO!

Anonymous said...

Are the new sexual assault policies anything but CYA for the university and a new way for university to keep these incidents out of the news while allegedly creating better atmosphere for victims? I really do not understand them or the explanations of them, and I quit chairing committee on status of women because of this. I could also be wrong about it all. I just do not understand all the reporting to allegedly trained people inside university that is supposed to happen, do not see why one cannot go directly to city police (or why it is suggested this is not a good idea) ... ? Perhaps I am just too used to living in jungle, in college I used to have small weapons for walking at night and then rapists, especially serial rapists, who did not get caught or convicted had their picture with a warning under it put in all the women's bathrooms by activists. I would not have dreamed of approaching a professor or an administrator about this kind of problem, they could have every kind of prejudice or be a perpetrator themselves, I would only have trusted student health or the police, and of course one could have gotten informal advice from the women's center which was *actually* and not faux feminist then.