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Friday, January 8, 2016

Song #6

This song is in Eb. I prepared by writing the bridge of #5 in this key. It begins with an unusual set of intervals, rising to the tonic from the third, fourth, and sixth notes of the scale. I am very simplistic, in that, since I notice a lot of my songs emphasize falling patterns, I am using more "rise" in this one.

The bridge only has three chords, but I stole a melodic motif from Stravinsky's Firebird to make it more melodic.

Being unafraid of beauty is very important. When I write something beautiful, I keep it. I don't have much choice, since I have only myself as ear. I am in thrall to easy chromaticism and cheap tritones, but this new piece doesn't overuse the tritone substitution, at least. I stick to straightforward dominant 7 chords.

I wish my playing and improvising were keeping pace. I was told I had a Chet Baker voice, so there's that. I'm sure playing for an hour or so a day can't hurt my finger speed.

This latest piece will be in the Lorca series. Trying to hit that sweet spot between catchy and intellectual-sounding. If this one works out I will try another key, moving through the circle of 4ths.


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Thomas said...

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I hate spam comments like this, and always delete them. Since Jonathan has forgotten to do so, I'm going to abuse yours, David Alan Binder.

I don't care where your website is located; your site is probably shit.

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Jonathan said...

He probably won't even read this, since he leaves these spams all over the internet (I'm imagining). Nice response, though.

Thomas said...

Yes, probably true. I'm enjoying your song posts, though. Thanks for them.