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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Songs Happen by Accident

Before dinner I was fooling around and came up with a really simple melodic fragment. It didn't seem to be much. The idea was to have the chords move around a lot with only a few melody notes and create a kind of bluesy feeling, but playing a major seven in the left hand but the first three notes of the corresponding minor scale in the right. After dinner I wrote the rest of the song really quickly. The B section seemed to flow naturally, and the entire song is fairly catchy.

I wasn't planning on writing a song, but it happened. It could not have happened if I weren't at the keyboard, however, which is to base something on the first phrase of the verse of "These Foolish Things." Not the chorus part that is usually sung, but the little introduction part, which is similar to the opening of "I'll Remember April" that I ripped off for my third song.

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