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Saturday, January 23, 2016

La estela del grito

Here is a very interesting poem by FGL that I only really start to think about last night. I memorized it, went out to dinner and drinks, and then thought about it in the shower this morning.

El aire

Lleno de cicatrices
está dormido.
Lleno de espirales
y de signos.
La estela del pájaro
y la estela del grito.
Entre la polvareda
de palabras y ritmos
se suceden dos tonos,
negro y amarillo.

[{the air} full of scars is asleep, full of spirals & signs. The wake of the bird and the wake of the scream. In the ball of dust of words and rhythms two tones alternate black and yellow.]

It's characteristic of his Suites because it doesn't try to do too much. It is self-sufficient and beautiful, but you feel you need it to be part of a larger set of poems. The poem is evocative because it doesn't describe the cause of this churning, spiraling, yet sleeping air, only the effect. There are scars (from past violence), indecipherable signs, and the echoes / wakes of screams and flying birds. The poem is oddly calm and agitated at the same time. There is a chromatic effect in the synesthesia. Is the tone a sound or a hue?

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Leslie B. said...

Another amazing poem. I do not know that I have paid attention to this series before. Fascinating.