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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Time zones

I've decide to divide my days into zones. Today 8-10 or so was devoted to showering, breakfast, laundry, watering, cleaning. Then I played piano. Then work after lunch from about 12-3. The idea is to treat time spans as though they were places. You want to not let something from the other zone intrude on your times.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I like this idea.

Part of my email and blog zone today, however, was devoted to defending it.

In my writing group (I have a real life writing group now!) we have already created our zones for this semester and have committed to respecting them. They have some flexibility built in, so that we can hold to them even when Things Come Up and so on.

My colleague got hold of the schedule and announced he can only meet during the times we blocked off for research and writing. He says he is a very good colleague.

Jonathan said...

of course. If you hadn't blocked off that time he would have been more flexible, of course. You should have fed him the reverse schedule.

Anonymous said...

...and asked to be thrown into the briar patch.

I have discovered that the only schedule schedule this colleague respects is my s.o.'s -- despite the known fact that this is not a very demanding or time-grabby s.o. S.O. lives 2 towns over. "Let's not meet so late/so early because I made plans with s.o. over in that town for that day" is a sentence that gets *immediate* respect. It is fascinating.

Jonathan said...

Right. I would spend more time with your amig@ in that other town, then, or at least pretend to.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Said person has name not in Spanish but that is used in Spanish. I am convinced that Colleague believes it is another Hispanic man and that is why there is r.e.s.p.e.c.t.