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Monday, January 13, 2020

Dream of Indy

I was in a hotel with my daughter. We looked off the balcony and we were trying to figure out what city we were in. She saw Indiana license plates so she said Indianapolis.  Then I said we had to figure out what year it was.  By the make and model of the cars, it had to be a different year than it actually was in our own lives. It was more like watching movie. We said 1980. We started to talk to the people on the street. They invited us down, and everyone noticed that the people here were much smaller in stature than we were. It was an alternate reality of some kind. We went out to eat with some of the people.

They were in a parallel world. Their year was 2030, but they had a different way of calculating the date. Later, I was playing Mompou's Prelude for left hand for everyone... I met student I had to take to Argentina on a study abroad program (as I actually will do this summer) and there was a dense, Trump-like man there who didn't quite understand what that meant.

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