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Thursday, January 16, 2020


I can go to the music library to work, and then in the same building practice piano, and walk in the gym, in another building not too far.  I found books on music in Dickens, Proust, and Willa Cather, and on Dante (2) and Petrarca. There is a book on Mallarm√© and Debussy.  The model of "Dickens and Music" seems quaint now.  I hate that AND.


I came across a sentence about how "The Sound of Music" ignores the presence of African-Americans in the US.  I should hope so, since it doesn't take place in the US. The author clearly knows this, because he talks a little later on how Nazis are represented in the movie.


Intonation, and linguistic prosody generally, is the earliest part of language to be acquired,  Language is musical from the get-go. Is it a fallacy to think that the evolution of language parallels the process of acquisition?  Like the idea in evolutionary theory that the embryo of an organism represents the organism in an earlier stage of development.  What is the name for that?

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