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Sunday, January 19, 2020

What does not change is the will to change

Two minor personal hygiene changes (I won't bother you with.)

Went to zen center this morning (rather than must meditating on my own.)

The one grown-up superpower behind all the others is this:

The belief in the possibility of change.  Without this belief, change is impossible. With this belief, change can happen.

How do I know change can happen? Positive change comes from changing habits, either introducing good ones or leaving off bad ones. This does occur in people's lives. They start or stop doing things (on a factual basis this is true.).

It is also demonstrable that change occurs even without effort in any direction: nothing in life is stable or immutable; everything is in flux. So the question is not whether change is possible, but whether you can influence it in a particular direction or not.

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