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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Swiss army phone

In my pocket is a small device that is a metronome, a tuner, a radio. A computer. It can transpose music to a different key. It is compass, a flashlight, a calendar, a gps device, an atlas, a clock, stopwatch and timer. A weather forecaster and stock ticker. A tape recorder. It could play chess if I wanted it to, or do countless other things. It is a video and still camera, a dictionary.

If I ask my students what their favorite app on their phones, they will tell me something stupid and silly. As though their favorite tool on a Swiss army knife was the toothpick.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Silly by whose metric? My favorite tool on my Swiss army knife is the tweezers. I bought a replacement packet of half a dozen so I could always find a decent pair of tweezers.

Jonathan said...

Yes. The tweezers are a good one, but with a tendency to get lost since they aren't attached to the knife itself.

Seriously, the metric I am using is my own opinion.