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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Footnotes

I write long and very interesting footnotes. Then, if they are truly interesting, I need to fold them back into the body of the text, since many people will not know to read the footnotes.

The notes, for me, are a place to develop ideas apart from the main argument, but if those ideas become more important than the main argument, then that is not right either.


I've been exploring the idea that musical is essentially vocal. I think many musicians continue to think in that way.


I've decided to give up the internet.  Reading blogs, etc... Even though I only read one or two blogs, and I do get something out of it (or I wouldn't read them), I don't like being slave to a compulsion. I'm also giving up some online magazines. I think that the constant flogging of the "woke" mentality is not doing me any good. I do agree that one kind of "wokeness" has gone too far, but I don't need to be consumed by the flogging of it either. I don't need to be that guy. There is always a danger in that the clear perception of some of the idiocy on the left can drive one to the other side. But what is that other side offering?


Thomas Basbøll said...

I'm thinking about quitting the internet too. I'm giving myself until summer to decide. Unfortunately, it may be the medium that my intellectual persona actually exists in. I've been coming to doubt whether my ideas can live in essays and books. It takes courage not to continuously validate them online.

Jonathan said...

You can still blog, but not read anyone else's. That's my solution.