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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Article Workshop

I've decided to give an article workshop on zoom.  It will be for our graduate students, but any lurkers on the blog are welcome too. There will be 8 sessions, since the idea is to have it last a semester (every two weeks). It will be free, but I ask that anyone who can afford to do so donate to their local food bank.  Here is an outline:  


Week I: Outline of the course. The article as a "fixed form" like a sonnet or sonata. The gold standard of our field. Mastering the form is a matter of craftsmanship. Elements of the form. My experience as reviewer of articles for more than 30 years. (And also I've written a few.)

II: The critical problem and the thesis. What question are you addressing? What is your answer to this question? Does the thesis outline the argument of the article? 

III: Rhetorical effects of the title. Epigraphs. The introduction. Its various functions. "Well begun is half done."

IV: The body of the article: presenting evidence. Developing an argument with individual segments. 

V: Scholarly prose. [This could be a workshop in itself.] Finding a "voice."

VI: Savvy use of citation. How to quote, paraphrase, and integrate other critics into your argument.

VII: Signposting. How NOT to do it. Or how to do it less obtrusively. 

VIII: The publishing process. Journals. Addressing the "revise and resubmit." 


Phaedrus said...

Jonathan, Do please post the Zoom sign-up details. I would love to attend/lurk! - Bob

Jonathan said...

I will send the links to everyone who asks.

Phaedrus said...

Fantastic. You can send the link to professorbasil@gmail.com - the email I check most often. Send the schedule as well, when you have it, so I can make sure to make time for the sessions.

BTW, the food bank contributions is a great idea. I had to visit one in Vancouver way back when - humbling, but I was so very glad it was there. I've contributed money ever since - these days an automatic monthly contribution.

RobinElisa said...

Maybe a bit late to the game, but I would be very happy to lurk (if it means I don't have to stay up all night because of time zones). If you could send the zoom link to robinelisacarine@gmail.com, that would be great!