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Friday, May 15, 2020


My daughter has a productivity system. On the vertical axis of a spread sheet are things she wants to work on, on the horizontal axis are the days of the month, 1-31.  Then she can put a check mark on what she works on every day. She puts her priorities at the top of the chart, so she can monitor if she is working on those almost every day, like long tone studies. She has things like exercise and meditation on the chart, because those are part of what she needs to be to be a good trumpet player.

At the end of the month, there should be more check marks at the top of the chart than the bottom.

She records herself, listens back, critiques herself, and then repeats the process until she is satisfied. She then posts the video on a facebook group of classical trumpet players.  Everyday they give themselves a different assignment. She shared with me a video of the head to "Confirmation," which she recorded 12 times in order to get it the way she wanted.

There will be an opening in the St. Louis Symphony, and in the Army Ceremonial Band that she can audition for. Her goal is to have a job and not just a gig.

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