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Thursday, May 21, 2020


I want to be all about generosity and gratitude. This is what belonging to the zen center for four and a half months has instilled in me. When you meditate alone, you are doing therapy for yourself, but if you are part of the sangha then you will be thinking beyond the self. There is nothing wrong with therapy either; in fact, deeply unhappy people have a hard time with generous or grateful feelings toward others, so you might want to get yourself together as well.

I feel uncomfortable with this, because I am not trying to boast about being generous, or even tell you what you should do. Most of what I feel I ought to be doing is to decrease social isolation so I took these steps:

I started a facebook group for scholars in my discipline.

I am giving an article-writing workshop for our graduate students in June, with 5 sessions.

It isn't very much, but I feel that people can be generous with what they are best at. People ask me to review scholarly articles for their journals, and ask me again after I have done one, so perhaps editors feel that I am good at that.


To this end, and because I am feeling generous today, I will offer an article critique for the first 3 people who email me at jmayhew@ku.edu. Please nothing longer than 8 thousand words, and no astrophysics or botany. English, Spanish, Catalan, and French only.

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