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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Days of not @#$%ing around

I am sharing these productivity notes with you. I now keep my log in inverse chronological order, so I  can open the document and write in it immediately.

I use ! to mean something I have accomplished that impresses me at the time.

I came up with a new term today, "quarter final." This means that the document is not in a form to be published (final) or submitted (semi-final) but that it is ready to share with a colleague.

What I call a day of not $%^&ing off around is a day I am committed to the writing and piano playing. I use the vulgarity as a kind of response to my inner critic who might want to talk to me in that language. As you can see, there are two recent days I didn't work on my project. One was an all-day zen retreat, the other was a weekend day when I mowed my girlfriend's lawn. They weren't exactly days of doing nothing either.

When I am writing a chapter that is not complete yet, I like to write 400 words a day. Once the chapter is in revision phase then the word count will not increase by much, and might even decrease.    

May 14 (Thursday): day 16 of not fucking around

Had idea for article workshop / blog post about this / wrote Alesha and Araceli about it
Interchange of emails about this
Revised intro to quarter-final stage / shared with Areceli! 
Looked at “Words and Music” chapter to see what is missing for completed chapter
Completed this chapter in “quarterfinal form.”  

Morning zen practice

Walking bass / “Anthropology” / Rhythm Changes 

May 13, day 15 of not fucking around  

Worked on intro / preface: shifted material around; considerable progress! 
Wrote blog post 
Checked “enroll and pay” numbers for Fall semester for my classes
Emailed Araceli 
Worked on facebook group 

Blue skies / Bass lines 

Liquor store / ran dishes 

May 12, day 14 of not fucking around 

Flamenco chapter, 16,000 words! 
300 words on preface!  
Natalia’s oral exam!
Cleaned off computer desktop / deleted old documents!
Emailed Araceli about reading each other’s work! 

Zen practice: 6:45 a.m. / called Fae

Downloaded pro tools / practiced bass lines 

May 11, day 13 of not fucking around 

Flamenco chapter, 15,600 words!  

Called apartment about crows nest on my balcony / emailed to follow up. 
Rolling prairie pick up 

Piano: continued figuring out chords to “Blue Skies”  

May 10 

Listened to Enrique Morente’s Lorca 

Lawnmowing / helped with chickens / cleaned kitchen / called mom

Figured out melody and some chords to “Blue Skies” 

May 9

zen retreat by zoom

May, 8, day 12 of not fucking around

Flamenco chapter: 15,200 words!

Ran dishes / laundry /beef stew / bought ,,, stock

Piano: 2 hours / performed for Friday night group by zoom.  

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