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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hail Caesar

I saw the Coen Brother's "Hail Caesar" yesterday streaming on Netflix.  This film is higher rated by critics than by audiences, but I think the popular response is correct. There were funny moments, but the overall production seemed overproduced and self-indulgent. A lot of attention went into costumes and elaborate parodies of movies like Ben Hur. It's the kind of thing Tarantino does much better.

The movie seemed pointless. The moral decision of the main character at the end was whether to accept a job at Lockheed or stay at "Capitol" cinema. But there is not much at stake in this decision. The kidnapping of the George Clooney character by the "communist writers" is just plain stupid.

Maybe the critics liked it because it is meta and they enjoyed the allusions to other movies.

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