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Sunday, August 23, 2020

A strange event

 This is not a dream, but a real event from waking life. We went to a hardware store to buy a grill for B. First she went to get spray paint, and I saw some empty spray bottles, of the type that can be filled with any liquid, and reminded her that she had recently  mentioned wanting one. They were big ones, though, and she said she needed a small one. So we went over to the section with the grills, and looked some over, discussed the prices, etc... We called a guy over to help us, and he called over another guy who knew more about them. 

 At one point, as we were about to go to the register to buy the grill, I looked in my hand and saw that I had a small spray bottle in it. I asked B. if she had handed it to me, but she didn't remember picking one up or handing it to me. I don't remember either being handed the bottle or picking it up myself. Neither of us could reconstruct how the bottle ended up in my hand. She suggested that it might have been on the grill on display, and she had moved off and handed it to me. It seemed implausible to me that the exact item we wanted would have been already resting on another item we were also shopping for. 


Leslie B. said...

There's a term for this kind of synchronicity Julio Cortázar used and now I can't remember what it is. Little instances of seeming magic.

Jonathan said...

It is very Cortázar like. Kind of like a moment of joint senility, senilité à deux