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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Bald Eagle

 I took almost 13,000 steps yesterday. I saw an eagle right when I arrived at the wetlands. Another bird I'm trying to identify: grey wings, white belly, the size of a blackbird but fatter body; broad but not wide wings, flies around in circles a lot, loud shrill cry. I'm sure it's obvious but I'm just not seeing what it could be, not even the general category. [Update: a small gull, I think]. 

Chuck Epps from Public Administration department was there (as usual) with his wife and kid and two big white dogs. He made a joke about our state motto being "into the gutter, with difficulty" (per aspera ad astra). That's what it feels like at the university these days. 

[UPDATE: got a bird app on phone from Cornell U. I figured out this one duck I like is not a wood duck, but Northern Shoveler. The other thing I've been seeing is a coot, not a duck.] 

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