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Monday, April 5, 2021

Sliding door dream

There was sliding door open four or five inches. Animals kept getting in, mostly large worms, lizards, and iguanas. I kept chasing them out, trying to close the door, but then turning my back, and finding a large monitor lizard or gila monster that startled me. An officious guy is standing by telling me how to do it, telling me the door is not closed all the way. 

This after a night of intense dreams. An over affectionate, talking cat could say the alphabet up to G, then gibberish after that. A criminal crossing a bridge pursued by a lawman... the lawman talks on the radio about how he has caught sight of the perp, but the latter tosses him into the river. This was continuation of another story I can't recall. I was not the criminal but watching it on a screen and identified with him. 

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Leslie B. said...

Somehow I think this is about work and control.

You are about to publish something you should maybe not have before tenure. Or that cautious people would have feared you should not have.